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Compacted Concrete Paving

Compacted Concrete Paving or CCP. Formerly known as RCC, derived its name from the constructed method used to build it. It is a no slump concrete that is placed with a specialized high-density paver and finished with a power pan machine. 

Roller Compacted Concrete

Goldridge Sand & Gravel produces and creates custom Roller Compacted Concrete mix designs for the Feedlot Industry as a hard surfaces that will be roller compacted for your feedlot to accomplish around 25+ year hard surface life spans with no maintenance required.

Continuous Mixing Technology

One of the most crucial aspects to consider in assessing which form of continuous mixing technology you need is the features of the products you desire to mix. We will assist you with prominent Continuous Mixing technology services, contact us now!

Rip Rap, Sand & Gravel Supplier

Goldridge Sand & Gravel has been in the Aggregate Industries since 2009, we specialize in Pea Gravel, Clear Rock and Base Aggregate. Call us today for more information.

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Rip Rap

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Outdoor Washing

Granular (Crusher Run)

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High Pressure Water

Pea Gravel

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Soft Pressure Home Washing

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