Gravel Supplier


Rip Rap is mainly used in shore protection applications including fill behind the armour stone. It stops water based erosion washing over the armour stone while letting sufficient drainage back into water body. The good thing is that it is used as shore protection along with stream & river banks and also as liners in culverts to combat corrosion. Its aesthetic value makes it a worthy landscaping product for some specific types of applications requiring large type stone. The size of products ranges from 225mm to 750mm.

Clear Stone

The size of clear stone products ranges from 2.3mm to 200mm where all the stone is of the same size or in a specific combination of gradation. They are used largely for the drainage applications or in the production of concrete or Asphalt products. The multiple voids in and around the stones let water to pass through freely. The same gap can be filled with multiple gradation of stone products in addition with cement to create a hard concrete product that can be molded into almost any shape. Be it CN Tower to 400 series highways or blocks in the foundation or garden states.

Granular (Crusher Run)

Granular products are screened to transform them into sizes ranging from 50 mm to stone dust. The products are mainly used for creating hard packed surfaces. The wide range of gradation within the product lets it to be vibrated and compacted to prevent vertical movement from top. This product is mainly used as the base of all road and driveway construction and also in stone roadways and parking lots.

Pea Gravel

The size of Pea Gravel ranges from 2.36mm to 25mm. It is a round shaped gravel devoid of any sand or foreign materials. It is mainly used for drainage purposes. However many people mainly use it in the walkways to keep dust and other particles down. The good thing is that it is often used as a decorative product in landscaping and in some concrete products manufacturing.


Screenings are generally a by-product of the crushing process and are made up of fine stone chips or stone dust that comes under 2.36mm. They are used as the last layer in the interlocking paving stone. It can be placed in any voids or imperfections in the base and helps in leveling process to create a hard solid level surface.