Roller Compacted Concrete

Roller Compacted Concrete

Goldridge Sand and Gravel makes and creates custom blend plans for compacted concrete hard surfaces that will be roller or paver compacted for your feedlot to accomplish 20+ years of hard surface lifespan with practically no support required.

This is made conceivable in light of the fact that every feedlot gets a particular blend configuration to their special circumstance in view of a number of head, size of a pen, sort of soil, climate, and so forth. This is fundamental on the grounds that no two feedlots are precisely the same. Our specialists will custom tailor your layout to the particular needs your feedlot will request and will design the feedlot compacted concrete so that it keeps going for 20+ years! We use local engineers that have years of experience in the feedlot industries. No other organization can offer even near this as it requires critical skill and experience to tailor to your feedlots particular needs.

Key advantages of our custom hard surfaces in encourage pens, silage pits and different zones of your feedlot:

  • Regular benefits
  • Consistent feed
  • Expanded sustain efficiencies
  • More beneficial livestock
  • Diminished cleaning and maintenance costs (no pen reemerging costs for a 20+ years time)
  • More profitable fertilizer
  • Better overall animal welfare

What are our customer saying:

"More cost effective"
"Much cheaper alternative to traditional concrete but just as durable with no reinforcement"
"Much easier to clean"
"A great pen surface"
"Keeps cattle out of the mud and clean"

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Roller compacted concrete means more beneficial steers because of no more mud or clean in the pens prompting more predictable picks up as cows stroll on the same hard surface each day without skipping dinners or consuming more nourish because of mud since mud can bring about up to a 56 percent expansion in the cost of pick up. Leading to faster and more consistent finish times for less money!

In addition, your cleaning and upkeep costs plunge as you now just clean the solid. Meaning smaller hardware, less crews, no clay in your manure, and no more pen reemerging. All while having more head per sq ft in each pen!